Mock Trial before the Local Division of the UPC on 14 October 2016 in London

Following the successful EPLIT event in Munich earlier this year, EPLIT will run another mock trial before the Local Division of the Unified Patent Court in London on 14 October 2016

EPLIT is aware of the outcome of the UK referendum held on 23 June 2016. EPLIT is of the view that the Unified Patent Court system is much more attractive if the UK continues to participate in it. The mock trial is therefore being held in London in order to emphasize the benefits of a harmonization of patent litigation that includes the UK.

As in Munich, the case to be tried is based on Improver Corporation v Remington Consumer Products which concerned a depilatory device, better known as the "Epilady" case. This was litigated in the late 1980's and early 1990's before various national courts in Europe with drastically different outcomes. The question is: Will the UPC bring about harmonization?

The panel of judges will this time consist of Mr Colin Birss (Patents Court in London), Mr Richard Davis (Hogarth Chambers) and Prof Haedicke (Oberlandesgericht in Düsseldorf; who also participated in the Munich mock trial). The panel has been extended with a technical judge, Mr Walter Holzer (Schütz u. Partner, Patentanwälte KG). The patent proprietor (’Upgrader’) will be represented by Rainer Beetz (Sonn and Partner, AT) and Leythem Wall (Finnegan Europe LLP, GB). The alleged infringing party (’Stylington’) will be represented by Koen Bijvank (V.O. Patents & Trademarks, NL) and Marek Łazewski (Łazewski Depo and Partners, PL).

The day will begin with a case management conference (CMC) in the morning, and the afternoon will comprise of the oral hearing. This will be followed by a questions and answers session for the audience.

The event will take place at the building set aside for London’s UPC Central Division, 2 Leman St, London E1 8FA.

The admission fee is EUR 395 for EPLIT and CIPA members and EUR 495 for non-EPLIT/non-CIPA members. This will include lunch, as well as coffee and other refreshments and snacks throughout the day, and a drinks reception after the proceedings have con­cluded.

Places are limited so we advise you to register as early as possible by sending the application form to the EPLIT secretariat.

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