The future of the UPC after the Brexit referendum

On July 6, the Union pour la Juridiction Unifiée des Brevets (UJUB) organized a short seminar in Paris about the future of the UPC after the Brexit referendum. The speakers were Thierry Sueur, Prof. Dr. Winfried Tilmann, Rowan Freeland and Alexander Ramsay.

Mr Sueur set out the views of Industry Europe and urged the lawyers involved in the project to find a solution that would make it possible that the UPC will start soon, preferably with the UK on board. Prof. Tilmann explained his views of how the UK could continue to participate in the UPC if it ratifies the UPC Agreement before leaving the EU. Mr Freeland sketched the current political landscape in the UK and commented on the likelihood of a UK ratification. And, finally, Mr Ramsay indicated that the Preparatory Committee will continue its work and that he is optimistic that a workable solution will be found, although he could not say what this solution will ultimately look like so shortly after the referendum.

The entire seminar has been recorded and can be watched by clicking the link. The presentations of the seminar are available on the website of apeb


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