European Patent Litigators Association
Promoting fair patent litigation in Europe
EPLIT (European Patent Litigators Association) is the association for European Patent Attorneys who may act before the Unified Patent Court (UPC), national courts and in inter partes proceedings at the European Patent Office (EPO). Most of EPLITís members meet the requirements to qualify as representatives before the UPC. Other legal practitioners, such as attorneys-at-law or nationally qualified patent attorneys, are also among EPLITís membership. Find out more about EPLIT and how to become a member.

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Latest News

03 July 2024
Questions relating to interpretation of claims under Art. 69 EPC referred to Enlarged Board of Appeal

28 June 2024
CEIPI Diploma on Patent Litigation in Europe - 11 July 2024

27 June 2024
Milan section of UPC central division opens doors

21 June 2024
Memorandum on 'Privilege' at the UPC

European Patent Litigators Association
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